Friday, 10 January 2014

Pair 27 - Lateral

This pair was made for my running buddy Charlene from Bushfield Joggers.
She  is a fab person who has been helping me at Parkrun overcome my fear of dogs and we have a great time running round together, putting the world to rights.

I thought she was worthy of a pair of my socks, so asked her to choose a yarn as I had this pattern in mind.

She chose a Flamboyance one- Box of Crayons which had been in my stash for ages.

The pattern is a Cookie A one, so I loved it anyway.

It was a really easy pattern to set and follow, although it did come out a bit baggy even on a 2.75mm needle.  I also used the magic loop technique on this pair which I am now converted to.

If I knit these again I will use a 2.5mm needle or even go down to a 2.25mm.

The colours are so vibrant and fun and pooled and spiralled in a pleasing fashion.

These were done after the Christmas distractions, so I could be back to some prolific sock knitting again.

Started 21 December 2013
Finished 10 January 2014

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